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If you have wisdom teeth to be removed, you can have them removed in our office or be referred to a dental surgeon for surgery. Where you go will depend on the type and level of service you need to have completed. Here are some things you can anticipate from your treatment:

When the wisdom tooth removal surgery begins, our dentist will review sedation options with you to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. (Often, you will actually have this info told to you in advance in case there is anything you need to do to get ready for it.)

Once the numbing agents have been given, our doctor will form an incision in your gums if the tooth is impacted. They will carefully break apart and get rid of the wisdom tooth piece by piece. If there is any bone in the way of the tooth’s roots, it may need to be removed as well.

Once the tooth is completely removed, the doctor or surgeon and their team will clean out the spot, stitch it up and place gauze on it to promote recuperation and clot development.

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