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One of the most popular oral appliances that individuals, especially young people, tend to use these days is mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry includes things such as lip, tongue or cheek rings. If you are interested in having mouth jewelry inserted into your mouth, you should be aware of the risks associated with them.

Depending on what type of material your mouth jewelry is made of, some people may be allergic stud or piercing that is inserted into their mouth. With that said it is important to make sure you are aware of any allergies you may have and confirm what type of material your mouth jewelry is made of. It is also important that you are aware that if a tongue ring is not placed correctly, it can easily cause permanent nerve damage or burst blood vessels.

Mouth jewelry poses several other oral health risks, particularly because of the wear-and-tear that mouth jewelry can cause over time. Oftentimes, mouth jewelry accessories are made of hard materials that can easily chip and crack teeth as they move around in your mouth. Mouth jewelry could even potentially break off and become a choking hazard. Other common issues associated with mouth jewelry include causing serious infections, oral inflammation and lacerated gums.

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